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Aluminium Surface Processes

Aluminium Surface Processes

Aluminium extrusion technology is followed by the surface treatment. We provide you with the surface you may request us specific to your field of application.

We respond to such requests at our two plants:

• Eloxal coating plant

• Electrostatic powder painting plant

Eloxal Coating

Eloxal coating is a process which is applied as the aluminium is a material preferred for decorative purpose. The decorative appearance is obtained by electrochemical impact on the thickness of the transparent layer of aluminium oxide which naturally occurs soon on the surface layer of the aluminium profile.

The layer obtained at the desired thickness uniformly at any point of the profile after coating also ensures use of the aluminium for years without wear and any local corrosion.

One thing we should note here… Intrinsically, the aluminium itself creates a protective layer of oxide. This layer may also prevent the corrosion even if no eloxal coating is made. However, the eloxal coating would both optimum the thickness of this layer and impart a stylish image decoratively.

The technology applied by BURAK at the eloxal coating plant allows matt, gloss and color eloxal layers according to the requests of the customers. Furthermore, we perform special operations such as sanding, grinding and satin finishing at the eloxal surface pretreatment unit, thus adding alternative surfaces to the product range. Regarding the gloss surface applications, we have achieved a considerable improvement in terms of capacity and quality after we put into service the polishing machine produced by GMB, Italy.

Electrostatic Powder Painting

Being an alternative to the eloxal coating, the electrostatic powder painting is a completely different process. BURAK also performs surface treatment of the profiles it manufactures by use of this method to meet the requirements of the customers. We use polyester-based powder paints to provide the painted aluminium profiles against highest protection against weathering and harmful rays of the sun.

At BURAK, the quality of eloxal coating and powder painting proves itself by being entitled to obtaining the certificates of QUALANOD and QUALICOAT.

Here the quality is under control.