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Aluminium Profile

Aluminium Profile

Almost for any design study, there is a simple solution: Aluminium Profile.

It is possible to use aluminium instead of steel, copper, plastic, wood and similar materials and apply aluminium material and extrusion technology instead of casting, injection molding and similar production technologies. 

BURAK is a self-reliant aluminium profile manufacturer of the country and continues its comprehensive applications in the production of value-added profile. It provides solutions to the customer expectations by means of precise cutting, CNC applications, eccentric press applications, eloxal (anodic oxidation) and electrostatic powder coating applications.

It ensures usage of aluminium profile in several sectors thanks to its design solutions. With its R&D operations and System department duly configured, the company supports its customers, providing suggestions.

Aluminium alloy: Finished product features high tension strength, abrasion resistance and high quality surface, combined with lightness. Aluminium is recyclable many times.

Profile: Molding cost is quite low. Technical restrictions are few in number. Possibilities are almost limitless. Discrete functions to facilitate production and installation of the profile can be integrated.

We are committed to finding and promoting new fields of use for the aluminium profiles and improving the existing solutions. For this purpose, we make use of these advantages of the aluminium, entering into close cooperation with the firms which desire to increase their shares and opportunities in the market.

Having a free machining capability, aluminium profile may be assigned with several functions, e.g.: screw sockets, jambs, channels, reduced material thickness for spring, shaft, groove, screwless lock, weldless pipe, extended surface cooling, flange, decorative surface, joint function, friction patterns, non-slid surfaces, screw socket at the support anchorage for sheet material, grooves for screws and rivets, grooves for rubber molding, bolt grooves for connection to the wood or plastic.