Trademark Burak and Quality Policy

Trademark Burak and Quality Policy

Integrated Policy 

It is common policy of the SYSTEMS of our company to:

Ø  Attain the highest quality for human health and environmental safety in all of our operations by taking into consideration the legal conditions to reach the highest level for the living standard of people who are the most valuable asset.

Ø Make no concession on our honesty in the supply of Product/Service to our suppliers and to the organizations and enterprises which have supported us up to date successfully and to all personnel and precious customers who have made us ever powerful. 

Ø  Satisfy all requirements arising from the occupational health and safety and environmental management standards and legal regulations and ensure progress of the systematic operation at the desired level by establishing internal/external communication and give training to the personnel and suppliers at the required points throughout these stages.

Ø  Take into consideration the satisfaction of both local and foreign customers during the entire operations.

Ø  Disseminate importance of the quality and health and awareness of environmental safety among all our personnel; improve and take great advantage of their personnel knowledge, skills and abilities by means of regular trainings.

Ø  Protect health of the environment and personnel and mobilize our human and material resources to this purpose.

Ø  Keep at the highest level the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems by means of constant improvements.

Ø  Give priority particularly to the quality, human health and environment with respect to material selection, production and transportation. 

Ø  Increase our competitive power, determination and share through operation based on low-cost and high efficiency.

Ø  Provide new areas by means of R&D investments; maintain the priority of human and environment in the R&D operations.

Our Values:

Knowledge and experience make our capital which also consists of our technical resources and highly motivated personnel. Our primary purpose is to build long term business relations on mutual benefit and make our best endeavor for a production in harmony with the environment. 

01.Human-oriented approach:
Even the most advanced and full-automated plan cannot be operated without human effect. We produce for people. Our products are used by people at any point of human life. We, therefore, think on human-oriented basis at each stage of the production. 

02.Environmental respect::
We process the 100% recoverable metal of the world. We work with an environment-friendly metal giving minimum damage to the environment. We are aware of how the environment is important for all living beings. 

For us, working does not mean going to work every day. We start every day with the thought of “what can be done today better than yesterday?”  Therefore, unproductive working is the most undesired thing for us. We give great priority to productivity in all of our operations. 

We know that two heads are better than one. We support team work, rather than individual achievements. We think that synergy is valuable. We, therefore, cooperate not only with our employees, but with our precious customers as well.

We train our people; we teach all our personnel from A to Z the information they may need while working to make each employee a competent professional. Consequently, we have great confidence in all of our personnel.  

We are very ambitious, very enthusiastic. We are never content with the things we already have. We continuously follow, examine, apply and further develop technological and scientific developments. We make a habit of it. We like very much to be innovative

In our opinion, giving confidence is as important as feeling confidence. We never make any concession on honesty in order to give such confidence to the people we work with. 

We believe that a product of inferior quality would be the greatest damage that may ever be given to a company. We, together with all our personnel, adopt such awareness. For this reason, we never make any concession on the quality in any stage of the production. 

We consider us a living organism. And we believe that, like every living being, our greatest characteristic is to develop constantly. Thus, we perceive the development as the simplest natural need. 

Our target is big. Our will is great. Our values are powerful. Hence, we are always high-fliers. While we strive to be the leader in the aluminium sector in Turkey, we also strive to make Turkey the leader in the European aluminium sector.