R & D

R & D

In order for the organizations to bring out their intrinsic potential and implement their strategic plans on the basis of realistic approaches, they have to anticipate and act in line with the future. 

R&D is a phenomenon having great share in the vision held by Burak Aluminium, being completely future-oriented and involved with research and development as well. R&D activities to be performed for production of the technology which develops in parallel with the growing economy of our company will be the mirror of targets to be achieved by Burak Aluminium in accordance with its strategic plans.

Incorporating new production methods as well as activities for technological production, it is not a phenomenon which could be undertaken only by the companies. Therefore, the governments give support by providing facilities to speed up operations of the companies to this effect.

These activities are based on a systematic foundation and result-oriented. On a common platform formed together with the organizations supporting its activities, Burak Aluminium has already prepared its plans to make the infrastructure available for the point where it desires to reach in the future. Burak Aluminium, together with a young team of engineers working to produce, has assured both smooth operation of its schedule and achievement by duly taking into consideration the knowledge and experience obtained so far…

BURAK is aware of this potential …

Therefore, with its technological organization, deeply established experience and young and expert staff, BURAK offers alternatives and solutions and provides advantages in the current competitive atmosphere. R&D department of the company performs operations to efficiently deal with future-oriented investments and business plans. 

BURAK has an organization which generates and evaluates projects. Activities concerning the work packages in the work schedule of the prepared project are executed step by step; the results are periodically analyzed and corrective actions are identified; work compositions are determined according to the standards in line with the customer requirements and the entire output is made into standard procedures for the production line of the plant. The project executive team of R&D department always puts its ultimate target to the effect that its operations should be qualified as scientific achievements put into industrial application.

  • Staff involved with R&D activities:

  • Hasan Demir: Machine Hight Engineer

  • Hüseyin Gürsoy: Machine Engineer

  • Semih Zeydan: Machine Engineer

  • Koray Bahşi: Machine Technician

Knowledge reflected in the real life, instead of remaining on the papers…
The desired point in the Turkish extrusion technology… 

BURAK is an aluminium extrusion company. Knowing the reflections of the micro structure of the extruded product (profile) on the final product is important. R&D activities are related with concrete operations to intervene in the production processes and optimize the mechanical and surface characteristics of the final product. 

We have started TÜBİTAK-supported project activities to obtain high resistant product from highly value-added alloys such as 6061, 6082, 5083 and 7075. What does it mean?

Especially the alloys 5083 and 7075 are much more different than Al-Mg-Si alloys, e.g. 6063 and 6060, most widely used soft extrusion alloys, in terms of their chemical compositions. Their compositions cause implementation of the extrusion conditions of the hard alloys in a different way from the known procedure. Shortage and sensitivity of technical working conditions have unfortunately prevented achievement in the extrusion of the hard alloys in our country. 

When BURAK develops its own process as a result of this research where it puts all its efforts and resources available, it would mean a giant step for the future generations in the Turkish Aluminium Extrusion Sector

While production is an engineering work, the standardization of the production quality, research and development of new products and markets is a complete teamwork. 


Your product may be of high quality; and what about your service?

Today, the customer preferences are not only limited to quality products. Now the customers also expect to get proper after-sale service together with the product. 

We are here for our customers…

Burak Aluminium is aware of this fact and provides solutions, considering the problems encountered by the customers as its own problems. For this purpose, it benefits from its 18-year experience and its expert staff specialized in the respective field. Technological investments and R&D operations are planned in accordance with the future requirements and customer expectations. 

Our experts in the production and R&D department are prepared to respond to the customer expectations in the matters of technical communication and product development. The system department provides the customers with solutions for correct product, correct application and product development.    

BURAK has a vision to develop value-added final product. Considering the expectations, environmental factors, portfolio development and economical benefits, a road map is drawn up for a well-scheduled study to achieve this target.