1923 Halil Demir founded the first coppersmith workshop in Şalpazarı, Trabzon to produce copper kitchen utensils.

1944 Hüseyin Demir, son of Halil Demir, took his father's place and continued production in the coppersmith workshop.

1972 Hüseyin Demir, together with his son, Halil Demir, established an aluminium spinning plant in Değirmendere, Trabzon.

1976 The first cylinder line was set up at Değirmendere plant to start production of aluminium sheet. 

1984 Halil Demir settled in Istanbul and started to produce aluminium sheet in Bayrampaşa together with Selahattin Özer. Burak Aluminium was officially established.

1989 The plant was moved to Maltepe, Istanbul.

1991 The plant was moved to Kıraç, Istanbul and Burak Aluminium set up the first extrusion press to start aluminium profile production. Molding unit was established. 

1992 The first outlet store of the company was opened in Çağlayan, İstanbul. 

1994 Burak Aluminium moved to the facilities in Hadımköy, İstanbul.

1995 Electrostatic powder paint plant and foundry were established.

1996 The first export was realized.

1997 Second extrusion line started at Hadımköy facilities.

» The first extrusion line was established in Ploieşti, Romania.*

1998 Extrusion lines were revised and capacity of the foundry was increased.

1999 The first extrusion line was established in Şekerpınar, Istanbul.**

» Powder paint line at Hadımköy plants was expanded.

2001 The first extrusion line and powder paint plant were commissioned in Tiran, Albania.

» Regional Office and Outlet Store were opened in Ankara.

2002 Alu-line Architectural Systems were released as a result of the efforts of our R&D Department.

2003 A 1100-ton press line was revised by replacement with a 1400-ton line at Hadımköy plant.

2004 A new 2000-ton extrusion line was set up at Hadımköy plant.

» 1400-ton extrusion line was established at Tiran plant.

» Foundry was removed from Hadımköy and installed at Polieşti plant, Romania.

2006 Eloxal plant started to operate in Hadımköy.

2007 CNC machinery was put into use for profile manufacturing by machining in Hadımköy.

2008 Burak Aluminium completed the 1st phase of the construction of the facilities, 12500m2, in Kırklareli.

» Facilities in Tiran, Albania were transferred to the local investors.

2009 İzmir Regional Office and Outlet Store of Burak Aluminium started their operations.

» Bulgaria Regional Office and Outlet Store started their operations in Plovdiv.

» Project on extrusion of medium and high resistant alloys was approved by TÜBİTAK.

2011 Foundation of the plants in Lüleburgaz, Kırklareli. 

2012 Aksan Alüminyum joined the group of companies.

» Store in Esenyurt was opened.

2014 Acceptance certificates: ISO / TS 16949 (Automotive Quality Management System), ISO / TS 14001 (Environmental Management System Standards Compliance), ISO / TS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

2015 -Technological Investment Year 

» Presezzi (2.500 Tones and 2.000 Tones) extrusion presses of European origin began in operation.

» With the introduction of these fully automated press lines, faster and less time-consuming production was achieved.

2016 Became a member of ACA Istanbul (Aerospace Cluster Association).

2017 The new furnace and Gema Paint system were commissioned in the sense of productivity and modernization of electrostatic powder coating production line.



Burak Aluminum currently operates in 46 countries in 5 continents. Automotive, heating and cooling systems, white goods, advertising industry, building curtain wall systems, airplane parts in areas everything from "A to Z in all parts of life" continues to respond to needs. And Burak Aluminium sees aluminum as its own profile.